Mixing Form

Thanks for taking the time to fill out the mixing form! This is going to be a lot of information and questions to get us on the same page and help your project be handled with the utmost care. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the “additional information and questions” section.

Here are some instructions for sending files to be mixed

WAV file delivery: As you are sending me WAV files to mix, there are a few steps that need to be taken to make sure everything goes smoothly. All WAV files should have the same starting point so they all line up when imported to be mixed. All files should be exported as they are recorded. Example; the kick mic should be in mono and the overheads should be in stereo (or dual mono). When a session is all stereo files, the stereo image is not as precise and can loose clarity as well as take up more memory.

Files should be double checked to make sure that there are no clips, bad fades, or bad notes! Having to re-send files takes time and energy and will delay your project. Please make sure your files are correct and final.

Please export the tracks in their native form (in the same quality you recorded them). If you recorded in 48.000kHz/24bit then please send us the WAV forms in the same sample rate/bit rate.

I ask that no matter what I receive a dry/clean Lead vocal file. Please feel free to bounce all of your tracks that require that special sound thats vital to that part. The only track we request to have an additional dry track is Lead Vocals.

Please make sure nothing is clipping.

If you happen to be feeling extra kind you can sort the files into folders (Drums, Perc, Guitars, Synths, Vocals, FX, etc.). This isn’t required but I’d be super grateful.

One more time, please make sure all these files are final.